Amy Howard One Step Paint

We are an official retailer of Amy Howard One Step paint. In addition to selling their paint and supplies, we also offer classes on how to use this paint for your next project. 

Amy Howard and her brand believe in the restoration of second-hand, old, or antique quality pieces and their "go-green" mission is to "declare war on the dismissal of furniture that has full potential for a second act." refreshed shares her mission through our own refreshed pieces and also through inspiring you to do the same with pieces you may find.  

How does One Step paint work?

This literal one-step paint eliminates the dreaded prep work usually required to paint a piece of furniture. Just start with a piece that has been cleaned - even formica, plastic, metal and lacquered wood - and paint! There are several beautiful color options in opaque, chalky finishes as well as wax coating options that you can see for yourself at our store.

In addition to Amy Howard paint products, we also sell finishing and technique products such as Salt Wash, which can add unique and fun finishes to your items. Technique classes can be scheduled by request, so please give us a call!